I am passionate about cycling and community development. I believe that sports can be a great tool for transformation as it involves discipline, social interaction, networking and incorporates life skills such as empathy and bravery. I also use my time and experiences as a sportswoman to advocate for road safety, climate justice and more representation of women in sports especially cycling.

Some of the community initiatives I have undertaken through cycling include;

  • When the pandemic hit, I was involved as a volunteer for Mutual Aid Kenya, a network of young people supporting at risk and vulnerable communities in Mombasa and Nairobi with food, sanitation and other essential supplies such as masks. Through my involvement, I realized that communities in areas such as Mwakirunge were left out of the support we were giving, because of the difficulties in transport as our initiative was entirely funded by public donations. I organized for a charity ride to Mwakirunge to distribute masks to 500 people. This charity ride held in June 2020, brought together over 20 cyclists and in addition to supporting communities was a great way to bring young people together during a pandemic. Mutual Aid Kenya, in total supported over 2,500 families in Mombasa and Nairobi in 2020.
  • Through my participation in Mutual Aid Kenya, I met a group of children in Sameta one of the slums in Mikindani. These children are so enthusiastic about football and sports in general. Since I have played other sports like basketball, football and swimming before, I volunteered to be their coach and mentor and help them grow their skills and talent while still educating them on different social issues. Sports is such a critical tool for empowerment in slums where children have limited exposure, equipment and finances. So far, we have a two football teams; Under 13 girls and Under 16 boys team. I am currently working on fundraising for their football equipment, books and desks for their local resource center.
  • In November and December 2020, I co-organized a cycling challenge to ride 1,000 kms to raise awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities, their safety on the roads as they commute and raise funds to purchase assistive devices for them. This initiative was to support Amazing Group of Persons with Disabilities, a community based organization in Likoni. We were able to influence 50 other cyclists to join the challenge and collectively we rode 8,000kms in total. We raised funds and donated wheelchairs, white canes, braille paper, styler and frame set, reflectors, food supplies, helmets and sanitation kits to the Amazing Group of Persons with Disabilities. We also raise awareness for a month on the rights of persons with disabilities and advocated for increased safety for them on the road
  • I took part in the Ride Against Climate change organized by the Mombasa County Government on June 24th The bicycle ride was to increase awareness on the impacts of climate change and also advocate for more use of nonmotorized transport such as bicycles and walking to reduce pollution
  • I also participated in the World Tourism Day 2020 cyclotourism event. I was part of the Mombasa Team that rode from Voi to Mombasa to commemorate this special event alongside the Spinkings team from Nairobi. We were only three women from Mombasa and 1 from Nairobi that took part in this and tens of men. This goes to show how women representation is still low in sports and cycling especially. The event was a good experience and it was so validating when I met the Governor of Mombasa County to share my experience as a female cyclist from Mombasa.
  • Finally, before the pandemic I used to be a committee member of critical mass Mombasa and we organized monthly cycling event where we rode around Mombasa raising awareness on the road safety of non-motorized users. The critical mass Mombasa was a movement hence no formal recognition but its existence is worldwide.

These are some of the most important community events that I have taken part in that are recent over the years since 2017 I have taken part in various events to help several orphanages and small groups, but these were nowhere related to my cycling though I used to commute using my bike for most of the charity events I used to attend and organize.

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