On a very beautiful Island from Kenya hails a professional mountain biker, Iman Kagumba. She is also part of the team of Original Adventure, a group of cyclists passionate about telling stories and adventure. She is currently supported by HUNT, Wheels and Short Factory Racing and is part of Gravelleurs, A group of cyclists passionate about telling stories and adventure.

She was born in 1998 in Kenya and began cycling as a hobby when she was around 4 years old. Iman has always been athletic as she has taken part in other sports such as football and basketball, at some point leading her team as the Captain to the nationals.

Iman joined Mount Kenya University in Mombasa to pursue a certificate and later diploma in Community Development, one of her other passions. It was during this time that she took more interests in cycling after realizing the convenience of bike commuting to school. She has since grown from riding 5 kms a day up to 200kms a day at the moment. . Her first race was a local off road race in Mtwapa at the North of Coastal Kenya. Here she was the only female cyclist and had to compete with the boys.

It was at this race that she met a kind man named Fahmi Mohammed who saw her passion and committed to coaching her and supporting her cycling. He has taught her most of the things she knows to date from off saddling to fixing punctures and doing bike repairs.

Although cycling as a sport in Kenya is still struggling with very limited clubs and opportunities for women like herself, she is still determined to bring her best game. She has ridden her way to the top as evidenced by her participation in more than 7 races in her 2 years of professional cycling and has performed really well, in some instances finishing in the lead. Iman is undoubtedly a trailblazer when it comes to women in cycling and one of the best mountain bikers in Kenya.

She hopes to change the status of her community and improve the lives of others especially girls and women through sports. Sports is a great tool in development and through hosting charity events and rides, she has supported different community initiatives and programs such as Al Rehyan Orphanage, Mutual Aid Kenya, Sameta GOG and Amazing Group of Person with Disabilities in Mombasa.

Currently, she is mentoring and supporting the girls’ football team at Sameta GOG community based organisation. She is also pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Community development as she continues to train and pursue her passion in mountain biking.



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